These cute craft projects are made from popsicle sticks (but the ones that are shown here are more like tongue depressors). If you love to eat ice popsicles, don't throw them away. Aside from the many things that you can do for popsicle sticks, you can transform them into something fun and unique just like these lolly dollies.

I got inspired to make these lovely dollies! So I made one for myself. After finishing a Magnum ice cream, I gathered all my available materials and started to create my first lolly dolly.

Meet Maggie

Since the body (popsicle stick) is from Magnum ice cream, I named my lolly dolly -- Maggie. I don't have my washi tapes with me so I just drew her dress using colored pens. I like the effect of the smeared ink on the hem of Maggie's skirt.

This is only the beginning of my lolly dollies (my first born, so to speak). But I need to eat more ice cream in order to collect the popsicle sticks! We'll see....

If you want the link to the tutorial, click this: Tea Wagon Tales
I see you! My lolly dolly taking a peek as a book mark on my planner.
Maggie, the popsicle stick turned into book mark, having a chill time on my planner.

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