These file folders are too pretty and dainty for any purpose. It will surely attract others to stop by your office desk and admire it's colorful prints. 

I'm sure there are available special papers in your nearest bookstore or hobby shop that you can choose from and with the very basic stuffs (like glue, scissors, pencil, paper cutter or scissors), you're on a roll into making your very own file folders.

Here are sample photos from the site where I found this particular project.

Cardboard file folders in plain colors is recommend.
With your choice of paper, do this demonstration in order to fill the sides of the file folder.
Take note that the finished covers should match exactly to a specific side.
It's alright if you will this gap. The crafter purposely allowed such space. For a twist, colored tapes or pre-designed tapes can do the cover-ups nicely. What do you think?
With proper labeling for your different files, arrange them neatly showcasing their spine so that you can achieve the splash of colors.
The tutorial for this project can be accessed at The Cottege Home.


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