I just love to wear flip-flops!

Living in a tropical country, flip-flops are available within your reach. We use it to go to the beach, run around the city for some errands, or just lounging and see the sunset slowly slipping away. Then a few years back, it has re-hashed its appearance into something fashionable and flassy as supermodels became their endorsers and every female Hollywood star started to walk on them. From the famous names of Havaianas to Ipanemas, every girl dreamed of having one. And who wouldn’t? They are just simply adoring, convenient and one-of-a-kind.

The drawback, however, to wearing these branded lovelies could cost you at least $20. For a commoner (pardon my choice of word, but I just love the drama behind this), one should really pause and ponder on if its indeed a necessary purchase. I, for one, is amongst those who traversed this very painful path.

But lo and behold! There are numerous ways to make-over a flip-flop and make it look like it just came from a high-end store. Check out these step-by-step photos on how to upgrade an ordinary flip-flop into a first grade footwear. 



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    August 2012


    Flip Flops
    Flip Flops

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